The Scent of Sex

Recipe to Produce your own Pheromones

The Power of your natural Smell

If you do not yet know what Pheromones are, please inform yourself
by reading the propaganda of sellers who sell you Flacons, Sprays, Soap and all that stuff.

I will NOT sell you some spray or fluid.
But you can buy the recipe to mix your very own fragrance

Because the real Pheromones which you need can be mixed by yourself with ingrediants
which you surely already possess! Yes, you already have them. Don't you know them?

Like any man, I was very very interested in trying pheromones and to harvest girls easily.
I read all about pheromones and have bought some perfume to try it.
I put it on before going to crowded bars and music clubs.
Despite all the promises the pheromone-sellers had made,
I did NOT find any difference to the nights I went out whitout that pheromones I had bought.
If I didn't start conversation, I would stay alone at the bar.
NO woman, NO girl came up to me in order to be near me.
And, if I went to a girl and placed my opening line, I would receive as much turn downs as without having used this pheromone which I had bought.
In fact, I thought that this pheromone fragrance I had bought stank. It really smelled bad.
So, I did not use it anymore.

But every once in a while I found an article about pheromones in newspapers. Scientists keep publishing statements that there would not be any sexual attraction without the existing of pheromones. They really are necessary if sex shall happen between man and woman, because: If they can't smell each other, then there is no desire for making love.
Reading the scientist's articles, I suddenly understood, that the pheromones are produced by nature. I found out what ingrediants these pheromones consist of.
So I made my own conclusions and mixed my own recipe and here it is:

The personal recipe for mixing, your very special own Pheromones
My Information with Thoughts of how to produce your own Pheromones
Remarks: If you read a lot about Pheromones, you can find out the ingrediants by yourself.
The Result of your Production is your very own Pheromone suitable on your skin only.
The Pheromone produced according to this recipe must not be sold to others.
Disclaimer: You might be shocked! I will not take responsibility for consequences.
And again, there is no guarantee that you will have a one night stand next time you meet a girl.
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Worldwide delivery. Zero costs for Shipping and Handling

Together with the recipe, you will receive a videoclip of the girl seen in the pic above.
She is known as Supersexy Jane