Instruction - Ashtray Production
Selfmade Ashtray produced from a Tin Can

See a Video with the Idea how to do it

Idea how to make an Ashtry
Buy the 101 Video and do it

Instruction-Video for selfmaking of a handmade Ashtray

You will immediately get a 101 Video showing you
how a dude is producing an ashtray from qa tin can

You will just need an empty tin can and scissors.
Production time of the photographed astray was less
than 4 Minutes; the video clip is 3 Min and 40 seconds,
including some seconds of sort of Hello and Good By

After seeing the video, a talented buyer will be able
to do the same thing as he sees in the video:
He will be able to produce an ashtray from a tin can.
Maybe later he can sell the ashtray on a flea market
or in the internet as a present for a smoker.

The only Investition to this business Know How is the
purchase of this video to see the production process

Right after the buy you will receive a link to dwonload
a zip-file. After unpacking the Zip-File you will have a
new folder on your PC with following files:
Some photos, a flash-video and a file to start the video.
The video is only 320 x 240 and bad quality but it's okay
to see enough how the ashtry is produced.

You Chance:
Maybe you will be able to produce an Ashtray like this
as fast as the guy in the video. Maybe you find used
tin cans somewhere for free and such you will be able
to put value into this old tin can and make money.
Maybe you will be able to sell it for 1 or 2 Dollars
as a handmade present for one of the last smokers

I will not guarantee that YOU will be able to produce it.
There is no guarantee anybody will buy the ashtray.

Immediate Delivery after Payment
Download link delivered right after payment.

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You also can buy the video as SVCD for DVD Player
by writing an email to
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